I do love to travel. Now that I have my own family with three kids, my holidays are always my quality time with my family.

A beautiful morning at the ranch.

Interview : Helen Lee
Photos : CH Chew

Do you love travel?

Yes, I do love to travel. Now that I have my own family with three kids, my holidays are always my quality time with my family. For short weekend holidays, we will usually head over to local destinations either for day trips or just 2D1N affair. Long vacations are usually overseas trips. At least once a year, it will be a family gathering of three generations on a trip.

Which method of travel do you prefer?

I like free & easy travelling where I can plan my own route and schedule. I have to take into consideration the pace that is suitable for young children and senior people.

A nice moment like birds of freedom.

Where have you been travelling?

So far I have been to a few countries like Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi), England (Sheffield, London), Indonesia (Bali), Hong Kong & Macau, China ( Fujian), Singapore… and most of the tourist spots in Malaysia especially islands & highland resorts.

Which place did you like most? Why?

Thailand. Thai people are friendly, polite and helpful. One thing I like most about this country is the people actually incorporate their traditional culture into their dailylife which makes this country so special despite their rapid development. For example, the Thais really put effort in making their food not only good in taste but also nice and presentable.

At the night Market.

Crowd at night market.

Which country did you visit recently?

Taiwan – Taipei, Miaoli, Nantou, Taichung

Beautiful Flower

View from the bus.

The kids had lots of fun at the hot spring pool

Can you tell us about your Taiwan trip?

Taiwan is a beautiful island with friendly people. Amongst the various places that I visited in this trip, the place I enjoyed most is the Flying Cow Ranch and the nostalgic town Jiufen.

Flying Cow Ranch provides a relaxing environment and activities which enable my children to get close to the nature. They enjoyed participating in their activities like DIY handmade cookies, milking the cow and sheep feeding.

Jiufen is a place that will make you feel like going back to the old times. The local delicacies available at Jiufen have a taste unique and very nice too. Those foods that I have tried are minced meat rice, fish ball soup, ice cream popiah, and not to forget the ‘paper meat’ which is crunchy dried meat that is as thin as a sheet of paper.

The Sun Moon Lake is another place that is not to be missed when visiting Taiwan. This largest natural lake in Taiwan is located in Nantou where the area surrounding the lake is home to one of the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan, called the Thao tribe. There is a beautiful legend saying that a fairy transformed into a deer which lead the Thao hunter to discover this new beautiful homeland.

Flying Cow Ranch.

Feeding goats at Flying Cow Ranch.

Where are you planning to go next?

I am currently planning a self-drive trip to Thailand next year. We had previously done a self-drive trip to Krabi. So, this time we will venture further up north to Chiang Mai.

What are the photography gears that you carry with you in travels?

Camera, spare batteries, battery chargers, tripod and most important, spare memory cards for that spur of a moment. As far as possible, I will also bring two cameras – one for me and the other for my daughter who is also very keen on photography. Sometimes she is able to create some awesome compositions too.