This journey to CingJing Farm has changed my perspective of farm stay in Taiwan.

Cool Country – CingJing Farm

Text: Elina Heng Photos:Elina Heng / Kim Teoh

This journey to CingJing Farm has changed my perspective of farm stay in Taiwan.

It only took me 40 minutes to travel from Taipei to Taichung on the High Speed train. From Taichung we picked up a rented car to continue another 3 hours journey before we arrived at CingJing located in Nantou County in the central region of Taiwan. CingJing has risen to become the most popular holiday destination for local Taiwanese and also making its mark with Asian travellers.

I didn’t realize that I was already in CingJing farm when the car stopped at our destination. The reason being – as in my past experience in Taiwan, a farm stay has a gate and a guard house with a signboard indicating which farm we are in now. In the case of CingJing farm, it is huge mountain, it is a township located in the highlands at an altitude of 1750m above sea level, at the Taiwan central mountain range.

Many tourists come here for their summer holidays as during the summer quite cool here at about 15-23oC. The air is so crisp and fresh with its greenery surroundings. The main attraction at CingJing Farm is the Green Green Grassland and the Small Swiss Garden.

Green Green Grassland.

Green Green Grassland.(2)

Green Green Grassland.(3)

View from HeHuanShan.


Green Green Grassland is a great place for you to mingle with the adorable sheep. It has some castles and huts on the vast grassy land. The sheep are either just grazing their time away or waiting to be fed by the visitors. They are certainly accustomed to people and are so friendly that you may also take photos with them. It is also a popular location for the pre-wedding bridal shoots. The clown will be entertaining visitors with his daily stage performance and there is also a sheep shearing show on weekends.

The Small Swiss Garden is at the business centre of CingJing farm where the Carton King shop and restaurants, bus stop and convenient stores are located. There are a few hotels and home-stays around here too. Right up from the entrance you will see a beautiful flora garden with a windmill and a pond with little ducklings flapping happily around. At night there will be a laser light and sound show at the garden. The Small Swiss Garden has the replicates the atmosphere of northern Europe and that is why it
is known as the Little Switzerland.

I put up a night at Paradise Homestay (Shi Wai Tao Yuan) just 300meters away from the Small Swiss Garden. It is a very cosy homestay with a view of the mountains and a beautiful the bonsai garden. The homestay serves local breakfast and steamboat for dinner only upon request.

Travelling from CingJing farm towards HeHuanShan along the highland road is a pleasant journey with the fresh mountain air flapping on my face and the beautiful landscape of the mountains, maple trees, flowers and a breath-taking view of the valley. Due to it cool climate (it is 16 degrees lower than Taichung city) this place is always covered with mist in the dawn. When the morning sun rises through the mist, sun light falls on the maple trees and the vast land, the whole scenario looks like a paradise.

Driving on the winding HeHuanShan mountain road leading to the highest peak, Wuling, is a challenge. We have to drive carefully and slowly, with an occasional stop at the rest station for a cup of hot tea and sausage. You may also stop by to visit the villages too. If you are interested to watch the sunrise, you will have to be there around 5.30am, there are a few walking trails for visitors. HeHuanShan also snows in the winter, do check the weather forecast before you go.

Shangrila Hanging Garden Resort.

Old England Hotel.

09-08 Shangrila Music Resort.

Paradise Homestay.

CingJing Farm & Wuling peak of HeHuanShan.

Getting there

By car – Take the national highway no. 3, exit atWufeng interchange, get on national highway no.6, exit at Puli, change to Tai-route 14 until the town Wushe and Tai-route 14A will take you to CingJing Farm.
By Bus – From Taichung city, take the Kuo-Kuang bus to Puli, then get on the Nantou bus (route Songgang – Cuifeng) but get off at CingJing Farm station.
Paradise Homestay (Shi Wai Tao Yuan)
Tel: +866-49-280 3989


Shangrila Hanging Garden & Resort & The Old England Hotel
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Text & Photo by Travelution