Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) 2014 – The hottest biggest photo-imaging show and travel event in Malaysia and Southeast Asia will take centre stage on 19-21 September at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

吉隆坡摄影节2014   欢庆缤纷文化

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) 2014

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) 2014
Celebrates the vibrance of our cultures

One of the 16 Photography Festivals in Asia you should check out in 2014.
New, exciting and informative new program line-up.
Theme exhibition: “Vibrant Festivals” celebrating our rich cultures.
Photo-creator of the Year Award: a platform for emerging photographers.
Travel photo exhibition: “Lazy Mediterranean” a reason to immerse in travels.

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) 2014 – The hottest biggest photo-imaging show and travel event in Malaysia and Southeast Asia will take centre stage on 19-21 September at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

This year the KLPF aims to promote the appreciation of our diverse cultures through the theme exhibition “Vibrant Festivals”. It is also timely to remind us that it is a blessing that we could live in harmony in a melting pot of cultures.


Listed below is the summary of programs at the KLPF 2014:-

(A) Theme Photo Exhibitions
(1) “Vibrant Festivals” – a collection of images that depict the vibrancy, the energy, the tolerance and many moments of festivals submitted by local and foreign photographers.
(2) “Freedom” – the theme series submitted by the 10 finalists of the KLPF Photo-creator of the Year award. Freedom as expressed in various genres by the participating photographers.
(3) “Lazy Mediterranean” — the collection of travel photos capturing the relaxed and carefree atmosphere of the countries around the Mediterranean region.
(4) “Landscapes of the American West” – a travel photography exhibition.
(5) “Time for Taiwan” Photo Contest winners exhibits.
(6) Secondary School Students Photography exhibition.

(B) 摄影交流
(1) “KL As I See It” International Photography Dialogue – this is a newly introduced program for KLPF 2014. It is a dialogue by a panel of 7 international photographers on the topic “KL as I see it”. It will be an interesting exchange discussion on what is their impression of KL through the eyes of these professional photographers who specialise in different genres. This program will be participated by Chiyoko Tsuchida (Japan), Dr. Oh Soon-Hwa (Korea), Nurulita (Indonesia), Lin Sheng (Taiwan), Alex Ng (Hong Kong), Jamason Chen (USA) and Yang ZiXiong (Malaysia).
(2) Photo Review– participating photographers could have their work reviewed by professional photographers Jamason Chen (USA) and Alex Ng (Hong Kong).
(3) Finals Judging for Photo-creator of the Year 2014 — the finalist participants will present their work to the panel of judges.
(4) Photomania Photography Exchange–(B) the engaging presentations by photographers covering a wide range of genres from the most popular travel photography to conceptual, journalism, documentary, fashion, people, portraitures, macros, fine art, and even “herp” photography.
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(C) Photography Experience
(1) “An Officer & A Punk” Costume Model Shoot Contest – a model with themed costumes that adds new dimension to model shooting contest.
(2) Intangible Cultural Heritage – a unique presentation of our diverse cultural performance and also some of the lesser seen Chinese puppet art performance in Malaysia.
(3) Floral art arrangement – demonstration by Taiwanese and Japanese floral arrangement artists.
(4) Exclusive New Product Launch and Preview

(D) Travel Square Exchange
(1) Free Independent Travel Exchange (FITE) tags on with the KLPF2014 , as a platform for travel industry operators/organizations to engage with travellers.
(2) Travelmania – sharing and discussion on various travel experiences ranging from experiential travels to cycling, trekking, family and more.
(3) Books Launch– launching of new titles published by PCP Publications on travel photography and independent travels.

The KLPF 2014 is the must-visit photography festival for you.

There are also 20 clubs/societies who are invited to this festival to share the photography work of their members, including NGOs with meaningful causes like Malaysian Nature Society, MAKNA, National Kidney Foundation and so on.

The KLPF & FITE is the most comprehensive event that sees the biggest gathering of photographers and travellers.

The KLPF & FITE is open to the public and admission is free.
Information and updates are available at Facebook KLPFMalaysia or www.klpf.com.my
For enquiries, please email to klpf@pcp2u.my or call +603-9281 8039.