Encore Melaka is a dazzling theatre journey through history
Tales and history. Myths and legends. For centuries, the story of old Melaka has captivated countless Malaysians from all walks of life.

The historic saga from the birth of the state to the glorious Malay sultanates and the eventual fall of the Melaka empire (to the Portuguese invaders) could rival the best epic fiction. Just add the spice wars and old world trade routes subplot.

Ultimately, the story of Melaka is also a human one. What is a city without her people and shared culture?

You’ve probably seen the Encore Melaka teasers on electronic billboards all across the Klang Valley. You’re probably wondering what Encore Melaka is? Well, it’s not a movie. Rather it is a newly-opened cultural theatre spectacle and state-of-the-art building in Melaka.

Step into the cavernous hall of the Encore Melaka, situated just outside the tourist hub, and experience the tales of generations from this historical state. Don’t forget to add all the grandiosity theatre can offer in Encore Melaka.

The 70-minute show, presented by Yong Tai Berhad, recounts the long-forgotten days of this once bustling, cosmopolitan port, from the stories of the early voyagers – Asian to European – to the makings of modern Melaka.

Forgotten scenes of old world Melaka are given new life in the Encore Melaka production. Photos: Encore Melaka

Helmed by China-based artistic director Wang Chaoge, Encore Melaka opened to a packed auditorium last week. The ambitious show, boasting an ensemble of 200 local performers, wowed audiences with breathtaking theatre spectacles and thrills.

Publicity for the daily show is also in full swing in the state, which now can boast a new and massive tourist attraction.

The water sequence is a magical experience to savour in Encore Melaka.

The theatre complex, located in Impression City, Kota Laksamana, offers an inventory of modernity – innovative and stunning video projection mapping, multi-stage hydraulic sets and advanced lighting systems. It also features a 360° rotating audience platform, which is a fab treat for viewers.

The theatre seats 2,000 and each audience member is given a unique viewing experience. Imagine moving through time and space, watching history unfold before your eyes, as the theatre itself revolves around you.

The big drum sequence at the top of the show is visually stunning as it is theatrically spectacular.

Just sit tight and enjoy the ride. It is so seamless, you would not even notice that the platform is rotating.

Every minute is a treat here. Audiences will be charmed by endearing scenes of the baba nyonya dance right to the alluring and magical water dance scenes. But if you want pomp, you also got it. The grand percussion scenes – powered by athletic-looking performers on their barrel-shaped Chinese tanggu drums – will also set your pulse racing.

If you want interactivity, you got it! The audience is also made part of the show when the performers reach out to them during a scene that pays homage to the traditional artisans of Melaka.

The Encore Melaka project is part of Wang’s Impression series. It is the 10th Impression series (established in 1998 by renowned directors Zhang Yimou, Fan Yue and Wang) and the first (show series) outside of China.

For more information about Encore Melaka, visit encore-melaka.com. FB: Encore Melaka.