ACTIVITIES not to miss in Dubai!


Dubai’s beautiful coastline has always been a tourist attraction for all ages, and this urban playground offers beach activities for all. Enjoy some high-energy action on Dubai’s Kite Beach; relax in luxury at the stretch of sand in JBR; or visit lifestyle district La Mer ideal for the perfect beach day. It’s time to pamper yourself with a blissful holiday with the blue ocean and sky!


Dubai is an empire in the desert. You can journey into the desert landscape in a four-wheel vehicle! Or, if you are an avid explorer, you could rent your own quad bike to rush down the sand dunes or even slide down them on a sand board. Book a guided Desert Safari where your driver will take you on a thrill ride across the dunes before stopping for a sunset view; then return to a traditional Bedouin campsite for an Arabic feast and live entertainment.a/2018/10/Adventure_Desert-Safari_Tourists_Dubai.jpg”>


Many countries around the world are worth going for a high-altitude skydiving experience and Dubai is not an exception. If you are unusually bold and are not afraid of heights, this activity is meant for you! Jumping from 4000 meters in the sky enables you to have a Dubai panorama like no other. Of course, you can also enjoy a helicopter or hot air balloon ride for a bird’s-eye view of the city.

Text & Photo by Dubai Tourism

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