Discover the best of things to do, attractions and places to visit for tourists whilst in Dubai!

1) Burj Khalifa

Dubai’s most famous Downtown structure remains unrivalled among all the skyscrapers around the world. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to capture the world’s tallest structure from the ground as well as witness panoramic scenes of the city from above the Burj Khalifa’s must-see observation deck.

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2) Ultra-modern architecture

Ultra-modern architecture Dubai has plenty of unique elements incorporated throughout its architecture. Discover the structure of the iconic Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, The Dubai Frame, the developing Ain Dubai, and so many more. Nowadays, there are many scenic spots for tourists to take beautiful pictures.

3) Golden street

Dubai’s Gold souk is the most ideal place for travellers looking to take home something shiny! Boasting a wide variety of gold ornaments with their respective craftsmanship being widely diversified, this area in Dubai’s historical district is the perfect place to hunt for your next jewellery keepsake.

4) Traditional markets

Dubai’s historical market (or souk) culture remains intact as one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Dubai’s souks are famous for selling spices, textiles, and perfumes and more, making this area an ideal place to shop for souvenirs!

5) Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek gives off ancient Arabian vibes day or night. The waterway flows between Deira and Bur Dubai, so a boat (or abra) ride is the perfect opportunity to see this Spice Route district from offshore.

6) Dubai’s Cuisine

While the modern culinary offering of Dubai is world-class, with Michelin star chefs opening up restaurants left and right, Dubai’s food heritage combines elements of culinary traditions from countries such as Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and India. Take an opportunity to enjoy some regional cuisine, like shawarma, mandi, manakeesh (Arabic pizza) and more.

7) Historical and religious monuments

Jumeirah Mosque is open to visitors, providing guided tours and introductory sessions. Dubai Museum is the city’s oldest structure and will help you time travel into Dubai’s past.

8) Hospitality and hotels

Dubai has world-class hotels and resorts, with the Burj Al Arab topping the list as the epitome of luxury. Dubai hosts a variety of high-end, mid-range and budget hotels options for all types of travellers, whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, your needs will be far exceeded.

9) Dubai’s man-made wonders

Dubai is home to the luxurious and exquisite palm-shaped artificial island, The Palm Jumeirah. There are countless luxury villas and world-famous resorts on the island including the Atlantis, The Palm hotel resort. Visitors can enjoy the breath-taking scenes of the Palm Jumeirah by taking a ride on the light rail specifically constructed for tourists.

10) The Dubai Fountain

This mesmerising musical fountain, is located in Downtown Dubai, just outside The Dubai Mall. If you wish to witness Dubai Fountain’s spectacular performance, do not miss the complimentary performances held nightly every 30 minutes.

Text & Photo by Dubai Tourism

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