• Self Adhesive Winter Heat Pad (5 Pcs)


1. Open the package and take out the heat pad, remove the stripping paper and stick in on the outside of the inner wear.

2. 8 hours later, when the heat is gone, one should remove it and discard it immediately.

Product Description

Materials : Iron Powder, Activated Carbon, Salts, Super Absorbent Resin, etc.

Validity : 3 years

Maximum temperature : 63°C

Duration : 8 hours

Average temperature : 53°C

** Please take note that the maximum temperature, duration and average temperature in the description are based on the measured values, which will be vary according to the circumstances and methods used by the user.


  • Patients with diabetes and patients with unobstructed blood circulation should be used under the guidance of the doctor.
  • If there're redness, swollen and itchy occurs on one's skin, please stop using the product immediately and seek for doctor's advise.
  • Please do not paste it on wool surface and high-end clothing.
  • This product is not edible, if one accidentally swallow it, please spit it out and proceed to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Beware of low temperature burns while using | Please be careful of low temperature burns. Erythema, blisters and other symptoms may occur when the heat pad touches the human body for a long time, and low temperature burns without realizing. Please be careful while using the product.

Prevent Low Temperature Burns

  • Avoid direct contact with skin, please stop using the product when you feel that it's overheated.
  • Do not use it whole sleeping.
  • Do not use the heat pad on belts or knee pads.
  • The heat pad should be remove and discontinued when using the heating equipment.
  • Pregnant women and infants should use under the guidance of the doctor.

Self Adhesive Winter Heat Pad (5 Pcs)

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