• Lian’s Nyonya Curry Spices

Over the years, Lian has visited through numerous Nyonya kitchens to discover what is best described as Nyonya cuisine. She was enamored by the Nyonya Curry, an essential spicy yet creamy dish served during festive seasons. With Lian’s Nyonya aunt guiding her, they perfected the Nyonya Curry recipe to become a family treasure.

Today, Lian shares her secret traditional Nyonya Curry recipe to delight curry lovers. Lian presents the most popular blend of Curry powder that is ideal for cooking meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Conveniently powdered and packed for the modern mum who knows the secret of good cooking.

Tips: If you want to add your own touch, fry minced shallot & onions until fragrant before add in the remaining ingredients. Feel free to add in fresh curry leaves followed by the lemon grass. You’ll be pleased with the results. 

Lian’s Nyonya Curry Spices

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