My dream BBCC is to set Pavilion shopping centre as the landmark because it has a connecting pedestrian bridge to its neighbouring KLCC. This is an important combination……



Dream of BBCC

In any abbreviation of a name, besides having a catchy pronunciation, it has to be representative of its value and branding. If the abbreviation becomes renowned worldwide, it will gain a lot of fame and recognition. Just to name a few examples like LA, JFK, LV, CK, HP, IBM, KFC; some airlines SQ, EK; as well as TV, PC, KTV; and so on. These are internationally well known and common abbreviations. These are brands with high level of quality that we trust.

Of course, Malaysia’s KLIA, KLCC, KL, PJ, JB, KK, JKR, RTM, etc. are abbreviations that have attained a certain level of recognition, especially the KLIA which has been voted as one of the world’s best airports. I believe the upcoming opening of the world’s largest low-cost airline airport KLIA2 will be another world famous international brand name. Currently at KLCC, the Petronas Twin Towers has become a must-visit landmark for tourists. This is a commendable effort of the private entrepreneurs to build up the success of the Malaysian brand name. Today’s KLCC was once a racecourse on Jalan Ampang which was transformed into skyscrapers, 5-6 stars international hotels, shopping mall, connected walkways and parks, and well, it is the pride of the capital city.

It was announced recently that the authorities plan to collaborate with the private sector to create a centre for travellers which will be known as BBCC, the acronym for Bukit Bintang City Centre. I have spent the past 18 years here in BB since I returned from Japan after my studies. I know the ins and outs of this Bukit Bintang area like the back of my hand. When I heard this news of building the BBCC, I’m really excited. I can’t help but to express my dream layout of the ideal BBCC tourist paradise.

My dream BBCC is to set Pavilion shopping centre as the landmark because it has a connecting pedestrian bridge to its neighbouring KLCC. This is an important combination as tourists can access both areas of high quality. It reminds me of the Makati Green Belt in Manila where there is a steady stream of people. Over there, the shopping centres and buildings are connected with a green theme and that helps to boost the economy.

Walking out from the second floor of Pavilion, on to the pedestrian bridge which extends from KLCC, the left path leads to Starhill Gallery on the opposite side and the right path leads into the Fahrenheit shopping mall. The pedestrian bridge continues to meander through Lot 10 Hutong over to Sungei Wang Plaza, Low Yat Plaza across the busy Imbi Road and arrive at Berjaya Times Square, accompanied by views of the old prison. The pedestrian bridge is clean and brightly lit, very comfortable and safe, no worries about the rain or hot sun. Under the pedestrian bridge is the steady flow of traffic on a quality 4-lane thorough-fare. There are also paved walkways with greens and granite surface that are clean and no litter. It will be even more impressive if there is a bicycle lane and plus convenient bicycle rental stations like those in Taipei. Besides that, the subway in BBCC zone is also fully operational, and the MRT exits are conveniently connected to shopping malls. BBCC will also solve the entire problem of insufficient parking spaces!

It is worth mentioning that the unlicensed hawkers on the roadsides are shifted into malls.

On the other hand, Jalan Alor food-street is even more famous because it is the Street of Southeast Asian Cuisines, a tourist haven which is clean, sanitary, no rats and no clogged drains. With incentives from the Tourism authorities, traders and local authorities refurbish Jalan Bukit Bintang into a covered pedestrian shopping street with DIY experience facilities, charming little gift shops in the alleys and the BB Park becomes a Satay Village with the best satay in Malaysia. This reminds of the enchanting street market in Prague.

On the other side are well dressed drivers with metered taxis, picking and dropping passengers in an orderly manner at designated locations. As I stroll along the walkway, I could see tourists queuing up for a snapshot with the tourist police. Suddenly…. a motorcyclist came from the back and snatched my iPhone 5S. “Ouch!” now only did I realise that I was daydreaming!

Travelution 2014 March/April Issue 29


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