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The extensiveness of this world with its different seasons is a perfect reason for us to pack our bags and head out for a vacation. Ever since travelling has become an essential part of today’s lifestyle, resisting the temptation to embark on a dream holiday has become almost impossible. Apple Vacations would like to travel with you to various destinations in the world to soak in their beauty and magnificence! Let us step out of our familiar surroundings and embark upon the journey to discover and experience more of our world, the diversity of life and various cultures.

Travelling in countries with different seasons, namely winter, spring, summer and autumn at different times of the year, provides you with unique experiences. Winter is the best time to

immerse in the splendour of snowy landscapes and partake in winter activities such as skiing. On the other hand, spring is the best time to witness Japan in its full bloom, as it is engulfed with cherry blossoms and abuzz with activities. Hailed as the Country of Maple Leaves, Canada is ablaze in spectacular and dramatic colours with maple leaves of red, orange and yellow during the crisp and sunny autumn.

Apple Vacations and Conventions Sdn Bhd Group Managing Director Dato’ Desmond Lee, JP.

Spring is the time of the year for cherry blossoms viewing. In seasonal countries, the arrival of spring is a much awaited and cheerful affair. With trips to these countries almost every day, Apple Vacations ensures that you will not miss out any of the best places to view the cherry blossoms.

Meanwhile, places that are not-tobe- missed include China – Beijing, Shanghai, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan, Silk Road and more.

Besides, Apple Vacations also offers other meticulously designed tours to Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden), Eastern Europe, Iceland and Greenland, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, South America and Antartica, Dubai, as well as Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Apple Vacations and Conventions Sdn Bhd Group MD Dato’ Desmond Lee JP (Lee San) believes in in-depth travel and thematic travel. As such, Apple Vacations will continue to produce quality and affordable travel packages to give its customers a most extraordinary vacation.


Japan has always been everyone’s dream destination. After all this while, don’t you find yourself yearning to immerse in Japan’s exceptional scenery, culture and cuisine?

It is worth mentioning that Apple vacations offers discounts for its Japan tour packages. The price of the packages is reduced, but the quality is maintained, it is a great deal, which you should not miss! The destinations include:

Honshu Tour: The most popular Honshu Tour, which begins from Osaka and ends at Tokyo, enables you to experience Japan at all angles.


Geisha of Kyoto.

Luxury Nightlife in Tokyo

Japan Alps & Gassho Village: Located deep within the valleys of Japan’s central alps, Gassho Village is a quaint village surrounded by towering mountains as high as 500 metres. With extraordinary spirit, they battle the harsh conditions of nature in pursuit of livelihood. The poignant story of Gassho Village teaches us important lessons about life.

Japan Alps.

Gassho Village.

Hokkaido: Sunny skies and cool weather make autumn the most pleasant time of the year. As autumn gradually makes way for winter, heavy snowfall will envelop Hokkaido and other parts of northern Japan, transforming them into a stunning and surreal snow land.

Famous king crab of Hokkaido.

Snow Mobile excursion.

Exciting Snow Sliding.

delighting HOKKAIDO

APPLE Hokkaido Winter Charter Direct Flight (End of Dec)

And also not to forget, Apple Vacations & Conventions and Malaysia Airlines kick-off the 3rd round of direct flights come December this year. With this, Malaysians will once again be able to experience a seamless journey to Hokkaido and a chance to experience the delighting winter of the northernmost island in Japan.

APPLE Hokkaido Winter Charter Direct Flight(End of Dec 2011) Departure Date:
-14th Dec
-18th Dec
-22nd Dec

Snow scene at Hokkaido.

APPLE Hokkaido Winter Charter Direct Flight (End of Dec)

Apple West In-depth and Creative Team

Western countries are steeped in unique identities, cultures, histories and sceneries. Which of them will your next destination be? Let the Apple West professional team enlighten you and take you to explore many western countries in specially designed in-depth and thematic tours. (America + Canada + Italy + Spain + Portugal, etc)











Apple 101

Apple 101, which made its debut at the previous MATTA Fair, desires to interact with every visitor during the present travel fair. Promotions, gifts and great deals, which will be offered during the fair, include cash rebates, free travel magazines and lucky draws. See you there!

Apple 101 is a comprehensive e-platform, offering you a free online magazine that provides travel information, hotel reservations (Apple 101 is linked with 92 countries globally) and a venue for online shopping.

Offerings upon Registration

During the MATTA Fair, visitors can obtain various promotions by registering at Hall 1 or Apple Vacations and Conventions Sdn Bhd. Early Bird offerings include up to RM3000 worth of discounts (per registered couple) and also free gifts from various tourism boards (*while stocks last). For more information, call 603-2141 8250 (Apple Oriental), 603-2143 3939 (Apple West & Exotic), 603-2143 8877 (Apple Flexi) or log on to

Apple Vacations’ MATTA Fair Booth Number;

HALL 1; 1092- 1097 & 1108-1113; 1124-1129 & 1140-1145;
1156-1161 & 1172-1177 (36 booths in total)

During MATTA period, you may also visit Apple Vacations’ office for promotions and good deals. The details are as below:


Date:1/8 – 11/8
Time: 9am – 6pm


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Time:9am – 8pm


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