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The Partners Gathering @ ATF2019

DAMANSARA, 25 August 2019 – The Partners Gathering party held this afternoon on the second day of ATF2019 ushered in more than 110 Apple Vacation partners from various fields. The promotion ceremony of the competition event co-organized by Sin Chew Daily and Apple Vacations was also held.

The guest attendees invited were representatives from tourism organizations, major airlines, business partners and media.

At this simple but meaningful gathering, the two founders of Apple Vacations Dato Sri Lee Ee Hoe JP and Dato’ Sri Koh Yock Heng delivered speeches, welcoming all guests. At the same time, Dato Ngiam Foon, the newly-appointed Chief Transformation Officer of the Apple family, also shared some insights on transforming the company.

It is worth mentioning that the Competition event jointly organized by Sin Chew Daily and Apple Vacations is about to begin! With the slogan “The whole world is mine to travel”. As long as you become a Sin Chew member, you will stand a chance to win Apple Vacations tour packages. For more information, visit

Sin Chew Daily Editor-in-chief – Kuik Cheng Kang

Sinchew Daily Editor-in-chief – Kuik Cheng Kang

At the Sin Chew and Apple Vacations co-hosted competition promotion ceremony in ATF2019, he expressed that it is an exciting afternoon, because Apple Vacations and Sin Chew Daily will soon pioneer a new ballgame, a win-win situation.

He said “Just like how Apple appreciates its Apple-nians, Sin Chew also appreciates its Sin Chew members. Although Sin Chew and Apple are in different playing fields, we have the same belief, which is to provide fresh and creative events for our long-time customers; we want to assist members and business operators in finding better offers.”

The promotion ceremony of the competition event co-organized by Sin Chew Daily and Apple Vacations was also held at ATF2019.


Apple Vacations Group Managing Director –
Dato’ Sri Koh Yock Heng

In his opening speech, Dato’ Sri Koh Yock Heng said, “For 23 years since the establishment of Apple Vacations, I often ask myself, why am I at this current position today?””We need to often ask ourselves, why our customers are always supporting us, what would they like to gain from it? Apart from purchasing our packages, what else are they seeking for?”

“I often encourage our employees to be ‘consultants’, not unlike doctors. Not only serving the wants of our customers, but also understanding and optimising customer needs, providing better guidance, advice and choices for them; acquainting them with the places they truly desire to go.”

He reminisced that in the 1997 economic crisis, Apple Vacations was still finding its footing in the tourism industry. The main product sold were charter flights to Thailand which cost RM299 – RM399. However, after 23 years, Apple Vacations can proudly say that it is no longer a low-cost agent, but a comprehensive tour consultant instead.

“Today, we have a huge array of tour packages, each exceptional in various ways. For every country and every region, we persistently develop and pioneer new products. This is thanks to our long-standing belief that boosts and supports us.

He concluded,”Who are the Apple-nian? You may be an employee, a business partner, or you may be a customer. You who have had contact with us, you are all Apple-nians! It is currently a challenging period, but I believe that there’s always a better tomorrow for everyone. If we work together, we can create a better tomorrow together!”

Apple Vacations Group Managing Director – Dato’Sri Koh Yock Heng

Chief Transformation Officer – Dato’ Ngiam Foon

As a new addition to the Apple family, he expressed that he is honoured to be an Apple-nian.

He pointed out that the market is changing rapidly and changes and disruptions are inevitable; therefore, we need to change along with the trends before we are made irrelevant by the changes and disruptions in the marketplace.

He stated that his responsibility is to assist the transformation journey of Apple Vacations.

“Customers are our focus, hence, it is important to ensure we continue to meet and exceed their changing expectations. In this era, we must not only ensure that we keep our existing customers, but we must also reach out to the new generation of young travellers—to ensure that they start to think of us when they think about travel.”

“In this digital era, focusing only on digital platforms isn’t enough. We need to ensure our customer’s experience at all our touchpoints are consistent and delightful.”

Chief Transformation Officer – Dato’ Ngiam Foon

Apple Vacations Group Executive Chairman –
Dato’ Sri Lee Ee Hoe

“Apple Vacations is sincerely grateful for all our business partners. For the past 23 years, we have always been trying to defy the norm and do things that others have not done, such as, Apple Travel Fiesta. Just as the commercial market slows down, when everyone thinks that it is a bad time to invest, yet we still insist on moving forward and holding a travel exhibition.”

“This is because Apple Vacations is no longer a consumer product. We are a brand promise and a guarantee for consumers.”

“We continue to cooperate with the media. In leading the market, we want to tell everyone to be a traveller who sees what he sees; don’t be a tourist who sees what he has come to see!”

Apple Vacations Group Executive Chairman – Dato’ Sri Lee Ee Hoe

The Partners Gathering @ ATF2019