Apple Vacations will continue to produce quality and affordable travel packages to give its customers a most extraordinary vacation.

Winter is the best time to immerse in the splendour of snowy landscapes and partake in winter activities such as skiing. In seasonal countries, the arrival of winter spring is a much awaited. Ever since travelling has become an essential part of today’s lifestyle, how can you resist embarking on your dream holiday this season? Apple Vacations desires to travel with you to various destinations in the world to soak in their beauty and magnificence! Whenever possible, let us step out of our familiar surroundings and embark upon the journey to discover and experience more of our world, the diversity of life and various cultures.

Places that are not-to-be-missed include China (Beijing, Shanghai, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan, Silk Road, etc.), Taiwan and Korea. Besides, Apple Vacations also offers other meticulously-designed tours to Northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden), Eastern Europe, Iceland and Greenland, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, South America, Antarctica, as well as Spain, Portugal, Morocco, etc.

Apple Vacations will continue to produce quality and affordable travel packages to give its customers a most extraordinary vacation.

Hokkaido Japan

Japan has always been everyone’s dream destination. Sunny skies and cool weather make autumn the most pleasant time of the year. As autumn gradually makes way to winter, heavy snowfall will envelop Hokkaido and other parts of northern Japan, transforming them into a stunning and surreal snowland.The coming Christmas holidays will be an unforgettable experience for you if you’re in Hokkaido.You’ll be overwhelmed by the vast volume of snow.Wherever you go, the ambience is so heavenly gorgeous.To a person who lives in an all year round summer, this is definitely a fascinating place for you. Let’s not forget to mention a new twin country tour package by Apple Vacations, which enables you to travel 9Days 6Nights to Hokkaido and Taiwan. Sign up and enjoy discounts on our tour packages (only for specified packages) and also get a box of Hokkaido’s specialty the Shiroi Koibito Chocolate, plus a box of Taiwan famous pineapple tart.

If you are planning for a holiday trip, do consider our Charter Flight Package to Hokkaido. Why wait? Sign up for your winter holidays with Apple Vacations – Charter Flight Package to Hokkaido now!

Snow mobile excursion at hokkaido.

Hokkaido Snow Fun

Apple West In-depth and Creative Team

Western countries are steeped in unique identities, cultures, histories and sceneries. Which of them will your next destination be? Let the Apple West professional team enlightens you and take you to explore many western countries in specially designed in-depth and thematic tours.


Greenland and Iceland.

Travel with Apple Vacations @2012 to Dubai & Abu Dhabi. When we are talking about Dubai & Abu Dhabi, we sometimes wonder, where to begin from… the past, the present or the future? Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the seven emirates which form the UAE. And Dubai, is ideally located on the pristine shores of the Arabian Gulf. The City blessed with year around sunshine, age-old values, cleanliness and safety, the finest sports and leisure activities, shopping amenities, world-class hotels and of course a booming economy for trade, tourism and commerce. Visit Apple Vacations’ booth and you will know why Dubai & Abu Dhabi are the most favored Tourist Destinations in the Middle East.

Dubai desert Safari.

The world's tallest building,Dubai Burj Khalifa.

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