Enjoy novel ride experience for the limited period of spring 2013 at Universal Studios Japan(USJ), and being filled with unexpected wonder, joy, and throbbing excitement.

Unprecedented Spring At Universal Studios Japan(USJ)

Universal Studios Japan will hold spring events from Friday, March 15, 2013 on the greatest scale in the Park’s history for limited period only. The spring events include two ride attractions of different genres. Enjoy novel ride experience for the limited period of spring 2013 only with your family, friends, or your boyfriend or girlfriend, being filled with unexpected wonder, joy, and throbbing excitement.

Hollywood Dream

The Ride was created jointly by Universal Studios Japan and a world leading roller coaster manufacturer by bringing together their original ideas and outstanding technologies, and incorporating numerous cutting-edge functions. This unique roller coaster, which continues enjoying popularity for its smooth and thrilling ride that enables guests to feel as if they were flying in the sky, will have a new version for limited period only. It is Hollywood Dream – The Ride – Backdrop -, an extremely thrilling and scaring roller coaster that runs the track backwards and descends suddenly at unbelievably steep angles, offering guests an extremely thrilling and stimulating ride experience that brings them ultimate refreshing feeling. On this novel ride attraction, guests are lifted straight upward and when they reach the highest point then suddenly plunge with their faces to the sky, not knowing which direction the ride will take. Enjoy the limited period-only super-screaming ride experience with forwards and backwards running which could never been realized without roller coasters having world-best quality and performance.

The backwards running version of Hollywood Dream – The Ride, a smooth and thrilling, world-class roller coaster, will make you scream with thrills and excitement!** For limited period only!

The backwards running version of Hollywood Dream.

Universal Easter Celebration

In commemoration of its first anniversary, Universal Wonderland, which has enjoyed great popularity since its opening in March 2012 as a family area where everyone can have fun all day long, will hold Universal Easter Celebration, an Easter-themed event. This is the first of its kind held in the Park. Universal Rainbow Circus, a dynamic circus that grabs the attention of not only children but also adults, is a totally novel entertainment created by Universal Studios Japan for the coming spring. This is a “super novel” circus that exceeds guests’ imagination, created by combining superhuman and fascinating acrobatics performed by world-class stunt performers with the world of extremely adorable characters. In addition, an authentic cross-cultural experience, the Egg Hunt Rally will take place in the colorfully decorated Park with unique and unexpected colors. Very adorable Universal Easter Celebration held to celebrate the coming spring will offer children an opportunity for their very first experience of authentic entertainment. This event, held on the greatest scale in the Park’s history, will offer families new excitement as well, helping to create unforgettable happy memories.

The first Easter events take place in commemoration of the first anniversary of the very popular Universal Wonderland. Universal Rainbow Circus, a new and authentic circus, and the Easter Egg Hunt, a program for parents and children, will be held at the Park!

Universal Easter Celebration

Programme Name Venue Period

Time & other Information

Hollywood Dream: The Ride Back Drop Hollywood Area

15th Mac –

7th July 2013

At all times during the period
Universal Rainbow Circus New York Area

15th Mac –

2nd June 2013

(*No performance on every Tuesday and Wednesday )

Approximately 20mins

* Time of performance differs from day to day

Egg Hunt Rally Universal Wonderland Hollywood Area 15th Mac – 30th June 2013

At all times during the period

Entry fee for the rally: 500yen per person

Universal Studios Japan strives to offer guests a place where they can create their world-best memories with our world-best quality entertainment.

In the latter half of 2014, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open for the first time in the world other than the U.S. As a place that every family member can enjoy together, the area will be created by authentically and meticulously reproducing Harry Potter’s magical world, such as the magnificent Hogwarts Castle and its surrounding areas and other landscapes, which Harry Potter fans have known through the books and watched in movies.

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